Two left. A great discounted price, thinning he herd. Two junior bucks ( blues). Also have the mother for sale. A fawn with excellent breeding traits. Adorable English angora bunny rabbits. In hogansville Georgia 30230. call 706-75six - 9901. Serious only.
Four months old and fully grown, a small very sweet bunny. A gray chinchilla colour. In Hogansville 30230. Call 706 637 1019.
chestnut agouti and blacks. Both sexes. Ready Now!!! Small and stay small. Two pounds max. A fun lively breed! Phone 706-756-9901
English angora baby rabbits read! All that are left now are two blue bucks. Please research this breed thoroughly before considering, high maintenance requiring brushing and clipping of the long hair. Experience preferred. Tort mother also available for $100. Phone 706/637-1019
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