Hi, I m looking for s pair of ice skates for my 5 1/2 year old daughter. Her shoe size is 11/12. Maybe you have a pair that are too small for your child. Thank you!
Hi! We just had a growth spurt! Looking for girls bottoms 10, 10-12, or 12. Happy to pick up. Thank you!
Good afternoon. I'm looking for an extra phone someone might have that is either GSM unlocked or TMobile compatible. I broke mine by inadvertently dropping it, and it's going haywire..when it does function. Thanks so much!
My red persian style run went missing during the recent move. currently seeking a similar one if possible. If you have one that you re getting rid of or know anyone/seen on in a thrift shop please let me know. i can send photos it necessary
In need of teen boys clothes size 14 and up or small/medium adult size. Also need girls 10-12 or bigger. If your kids have outgrown their wardrobe and you plan on donating please consider my family. Thank you very much and God bless!
I am in desperate need of a working Vitamix blender for medical reasons. Thank You.