Available by May 17 - eating pellets and Timothy hay currently. Will be 8 weeks when released. Full 4 generation pedigree. Blue pearl ( ash white with blue points and brown eyes). Buck. Chocolate sable ( nice promising wool). Doe. Gray eyes. Seal sable buck and doe. ( both very nice quality wool). Hogansville. High maintenance large breed rabbit. Prefer selling to a knitter spinner or someone w...
After a drought I'm proud to announce we finally have baby holland lops! Five only five , ready in a few weeks Blessings! One solid black - buck One chestnut ( or agouti chinchilla) -buck Does are reserved. Love these chinchillas!!!
English angora baby rabbits available soon. Please research this breed thoroughly before considering, high maintenance requiring brushing and clipping of the long hair. Experience preferred. Torts.
Ready! One Black doe ready! A true dwarf.. Adorable! A small lively breed of rabbit. Two pounds max. Smart and so fun to watch. 12 weeks old.
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