looking for a evening gown or prom dress sizes 18-24
I am looking for all types of Halloween decorations. Lights that are working or NOT working. Want to decorate the neighborhood.
Good afternoon. I'm looking for an extra phone someone might have that is either GSM unlocked or TMobile compatible. I broke mine by inadvertently dropping it, and it's going haywire..when it does function. Thanks so much!
My red persian style run went missing during the recent move. currently seeking a similar one if possible. If you have one that you re getting rid of or know anyone/seen on in a thrift shop please let me know. i can send photos it necessary
Looking for a porch swing for my daughter.
In need of teen boys clothes size 14 and up or small/medium adult size. Also need girls 10-12 or bigger. If your kids have outgrown their wardrobe and you plan on donating please consider my family. Thank you very much and God bless!
I am in desperate need of a working Vitamix blender for medical reasons. Thank You.
For elderly woman
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