5 DS Lite games, all in original cases, $10 each game 2- Horse Life games, Paws & Claws Dogs & Cats Best Friends, Petz Horsez 2, All Star Cheer Squad. MARIO GAMES, NINTENDO DOGS, AND COOKING MAMA GAME SOLD
Includes gamer (champagne pink color), stylus pen, wall charger, docking station, and car charger. Works and good condition, back hinge has a crack so it will not stay open at a 90 degree angle.
PS2- PlayStation 2 Includes: console for games and also can play some movie DVDs, remote control, instruction manuals, 1 game controller, memory card 4 games: NFL 2K3, Fisherman's Bass Club, Cabella's Outdoor Adventures, and NASCAR Thunder 2002 which also includes the Driving Force steering wheel and gas/ break pedal set up for NASCAR game
Atari Flashback classic game console 76 built-in games, includes 2 wireless controllers Some games include: Asteroids, Centipede, Battlezone, Breakout, Combat, Combat 2, football, basketball, Space Invaders, ..... And many more.
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